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You guys will like this one....

It's time for the tutorial that you guys asked for, the parting for pigtail ones. Now, before I start, this is the method that Katie Bair uses with a few changes here and there....mostly just with the extension. For reference, here's her link to her tutorial, http://www.katiebair.com/wigtutorial_parting.html so you can use mine to just add in the vague areas. I skipped a few steps in there, like the cover part, so just look at her site for them.

Anyway, since I didn't feel like doing a full on part just for a tutorial, there'll be some spliced in images from the Temari part.

OH! Meg, there's an image in there for you too. I ended up doing some testing on the extension to get the color we wanted for Talim and I'm glad we decided on blue. The teal is just too green for me but it took a million shades to get it that dark.

Okay, I decided to use Cheza's wig for this just to show the differences between the extension and then the wig itself. Lots of pictures...>.>

You'll need two things mainly for this besides caulk and a hairdryer.

The Heat sealer and this yarn needle will rule your lives from now on. You can get a pretty cheap Heat Sealer from Katie Bair's site or just look around the internet. They aren't used for anything besides turning fiber into plastic slag but yea...there's much more you can do with something that burns everything.
The yarn needle can be purchased pretty much anywhere fabricy. I got mine at Michaels and I had the option of getting either a steel one or a plastic one. Please get the steel one...you will be tugging at it so hard that the plastic ones will break easily. Anyway, once you got those, you can begin.

Another thing that I would like to mention is something that Newmyu and I found out. Katie Bair told us in her tutorial that she actually gets a whole pack of extensions in the Yarn needle hole.....

...that means, all of this...

...into a hole that is smaller than the rubber band that is holding the extension together. >.> I failed horribly in getting it through.

Honestly, all you need is this much and even then, sometimes less.

Step 1.- Getting Started

The first step is simple and a direct match to Katie's. Just part the wig so that you can see the middle band.

From here, Katie lets the hair down (she put it up to expose the band) but I actually just kept it in low ponytails.

...and kept it that way until I was halfway done with the part itself. I found that it keeps the extensions away from the main hair and just makes things easier because you're dealing with less.

Once you get them up like that and expose the middle band, flip the wig over.

Don't pin the wig or anything since you'll never need it for this tutorial. The wig will be in your hands except for when you heat seal them into place and if you use your hands to keep it stable, it shouldn't be a problem.

Now, if you guys were wondering which hole Katie was talking about when she said that you would be poking the exension through, she meant these holes.

You won't have to fill them all, only one per diamond, but jesus, they are small. Believe me, that even a piece as small as mine can take some pulling and tugging until they get through.

Step 2.- Threading and Parting.
          Once you have the wig down and ready to go, you'll need your extension. Pulling it straight from the main extension will leave you with a smooth edge but if you want it straighter, just cut the tip off. Get some water before this step and dunk the tip in. Thread it through the yarn needle hole and then pull it through to the halfway point.

If you know how to sew, you'll like this part...it actually is an acquired skill to thread. >.>

This is a spare extension that I had laying around and I could use it without feeling bad. The real thing will be much longer.

Anyway, once you do that, poke the needle through one of the holes so that the extension is poking inside the wig. You don't want them on the outside!

Poke the extension through that much (more for the inexperienced) and then cut the needle free.
Set the needle down and then squeezing the ends together and seal them into place.

When you do this, hold onto the extension root and make sure that it doesn't move around too much. When it's ready, just pull the heat sealer away and it brings off the excess stuff with it. Clean it off every time with some pliers or tweezers.

Skipping the one step where you finish the part and do the fabric cover with the caulk line and then you know, letting it dry overnight, flip the wig over and you'll get this.

Just deal with it and untangle them. >.>

When they are like that, just take the parts of the added in sections and split them in half.

Anyway, that's done.

Meg, here's your thing.

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